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  • How To Dog-Proof Your Apartment, If You're Getting A Pup For The First Time

    How To Dog-Proof Your Apartment, If You're Getting A Pup For The First Time

    Bustle  |  2019-08-05
    Yes!! We're gonna have a puppy.. The excitement is in the air. Owning a pup for the first time is very exciting but we must make sure that our apartment is well prepared for the new member of the family. There's a lot of things to consider to make sure our apartment is dog-proof.
    Los Angeles-based Brandi Neal at Bustle presents some of her tips on how to dog proof our humble abode.
    Read it here.
  • What to do if your dog or cat goes missing (and how to avoid it)

    What to do if your dog or cat goes missing (and how to avoid it)

    Better | NBC News  |  2019-07-26
    It's every pet parent's worst nightmare - your dog, cat, or any other pet is nowhere in sight. Yes, it can happen to anybody. So what will you do? Please read on.
    In this article, Dana McMahan presents some precautions every pet parent should take to make your dog and cat safe. And also important - it offers tips for what to do if they get lost. Please be prepared.
  • Doggy Healthcare: How Can You Ensure a Long and Healthy Life for Your Pooch

    Doggy Healthcare: How Can You Ensure a Long and Healthy Life for Your Pooch

    Pet News and Views  |  2019-07-07
    We all love our pet dogs and we don't want to lose them. But the reality is, our furry friends have shorter lifespans compared to us. Sarah at Pet News and Views have prepared a brief list of steps that should help every dog owner in keeping their pets healthy and loving through the years.
    Read on to learn how - with proper care, preventive measures, advance preparation, and timely treatment, our pets can live well beyond their average life expectancy so we can be with them a lot longer.
  • An Illustrated Guide to Dog Behavior

    An Illustrated Guide to Dog Behavior

    Rover  |  2019-06-29
    Your furry friend's actions speak a thousand words - but you need to learn and interpret them correctly so you can understand your dog. Understanding your dog's behavior is crucial in addressing behavior problems as well as spotting health problems.
    The good folks at Rover have a helpful illustrated guide to dog behavior with the illustrations by artist Lili Chin.
    Read on so you can learn this important skill.

    Petcube: Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera
  • Pet Obesity is Causing Big Health Problems, According to a New Report

    Pet Obesity is Causing Big Health Problems, According to a New Report

    Mental Floss  |  2019-06-25
    Dog and cat owners hear this - according to a report from Banfield Pet Hospital, America's largest general veterinary practice with more than 1000 hospitals nationwide, osteoarthritis (OA) in pets is on the rise, with a 66 percent increase in dogs and a 150 percent increase in cats over the past 10 years.
    Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis caused by inflammation or damage in joint tissue.Excess weight can both precede OA and make it worse.
    A recent article by Jake Rossen on MF says that 60 percent of the feline population are overweight. For dogs - about 56 percent of pet pooches are obese.
  • Decoding Cat Body Language

    Decoding Cat Body Language

    Catster  |  2019-06-18
    Do you have a cat or planning to have one? This article from Rita Reimers on catster.com is for you.
    Read on to learn and decipher some of the most commonly asked questions about cat body language. You need to pay atte'ntion to your cat's ears, tail, eyes, and body posture in order to have an idea of their behavior.
    Remember, the better you can read his/her body language, the better you’ll be able to anticipate your cat's feelings and his needs.
  • The best cleaning products to use around pets

    The best cleaning products to use around pets

    Business Insider  |  2019-06-14
    As pet owners, we know that some chemicals found in our homes are toxic to humans as well as to our beloved pets.
    We must keep our home clean by not using toxic chemicals and detergents. We can always replace those cleaning products, but not our pets. Please read ingredient labels and warnings posted on these cleaning products.
    Here is a roundup of the best pet-safe laundry detergent, wipes, floor cleaner, carpet shampoo, and insect control from Mary Marlowe Leverette on Insider Picks.

    FitBark Dog Activity Monitor
  • A quarter of pet parents lie to bosses about this

    A quarter of pet parents lie to bosses about this

    New York Post  |  2019-06-07
    A new poll of 2,000 pet parents conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Fuzzy Pet Health found that of those who have lied to their boss, 65 percent did so because they didn't think their boss would count it as a valid excuse.
    In addition to lying to a boss, the survey examined the other things pet owners are willing to do for their furry friends.
    Visit New York Post to read the rest of the article.
  • The 6 Best Dog Breeds For Trail Runners

    The 6 Best Dog Breeds For Trail Runners

    Buzzle  |  2019-05-29
    Do you love to hit the trails running? Do you love the great outdoors and the smell of fresh forest air? Kaitlyn Wylde shares the best dog breeds for you. These breeds were chosen because they are not just high energy or high endurance breeds, they're agile, they're smart, and they're less likely to get injured than other breeds.
    Read on and find the perfect furry friend to share the trail and enjoy the view.
  • Is Pet Insurance Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

    Is Pet Insurance Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

    Canine Journal  |  2019-05-07
    This comprehensive pet insurance guide from Kimberly Alt of Canine Journal explains all you need to know to determine what's most important for you and your pet.
    It also provide helpful recommendations for the best pet insurance plan to fit your needs.

    Your Choice. Your PupJoy
  • Dog-proofing your car: How to keep your pups safe and secure

    Dog-proofing your car: How to keep your pups safe and secure

    Road|Show by cnet  |  2019-03-28
    Most dogs love going for rides, but the fur and the claws and the slobber can do a number on your interior if left unprotected.
    Here are a few tips and products from Road|Show for keeping your car clean and your puppers safe.
    Thanks to decades of research and crash testing, driving with children in the car is a rigorously scientific thing. With dogs... it's a little more loose. So, here's some advice for how you can keep your pups, and their various bodily fluids, well-contained for a trip on the road.
  • 8 Pet Trends to Watch in 2019

    8 Pet Trends to Watch in 2019

    Pet Coach  |  
    Pet Coach asked veterinarians what they think are the biggest pet products and trends to keep an eye on in 2019. Read on to learn what they had to say.

    FitBark Dog Activity Monitor
  • Holiday Safety for Dogs: 9 Tips

    Holiday Safety for Dogs: 9 Tips

    Dogster  |  2018-12-20
    The most wonderful time of the year is also one one of the most dangerous for pets. Check out these nine things via Dogster to keep in mind for holiday safety and dogs.
  • Holiday Pet Travel Guide

    Holiday Pet Travel Guide

    Travel Channel  |  
    Whether you're traveling by air or car, or need a hotel for you and your furry friend, Travel Channel got tips for a safe and easy trip.
    With so many regulations, fees and safety hazards, it’s “ruff” keeping track of pet travel policies these days, especially during the busy holidays.
  • The Science Behind Pet Supplements

    The Science Behind Pet Supplements

    Pet Business  |  2018-12-10
    Manufacturers point to research that indicates how supplements can help support pet health.
    Pet owners look to supplements to solve their pets’ health issues or to make them less susceptible to certain maladies.
    Consumers want to know how the supplements work, what the ingredients do and how the different brands vary.
    To answer those questions, manufacturers point to the science behind supplements and work to educate consumers about new and longstanding research.
  • The 9 Best Apps For Every Pet Parent

    The 9 Best Apps For Every Pet Parent

    MyPet  |  
    Got a smartphone?
    Here are phone apps for people who live with and love dogs and cats. All are free to download and available for both iPhone & Android users.


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