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Welcome to Waggly Pets.

Waggly Pets is a place for pet owners. We know how we love our pets and that we want the best for them. The site was founded in the last quarter of 2018 and aims to provide pet owners with the latest information, tips, general knowledge, and links to various pet websites.

In short, we do curation. Waggly Pets provides the most relevant and up-to-date pet-related content. We choose only the best information from the internet so you don't have to.

Majority of the content of this site are also found in other webites. It is our desire to gather those content in one place. All external links are always attributed to their sources.

The Waggly Pets Pet Shop page is affiliate-based using the Sovrn Commerce affiliate program.
It means we do not carry our own products or brands. When a user clicks a product link on the Pet Shop page, he/she will be directed to the merchant's own website. There, he/she can actually make the purchase.
We generate a small revenue if you purchase the items.

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The Waggly Pets website is managed and maintained by several people in sunny Los Angeles, California.
We hope you will find this website useful.

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