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Must-Read Pet Articles and Tips

Please take time to read these hand-picked articles and be informed. It's for the health and safety of our pets.

Home-made dog food can actually deprive pets of essential nutrients  

For some dog owners, feeding our dogs home-made meals seems to be a good idea. After all, we are inclined to give them the same meals we're having. We're doing this with good intentions in mind.
Just a reminder though - the home-prepared meals might not be nutritionally complete.
Read this article from Popular Science for more details.

How to Kill Fleas With Moth Balls & Salt  

As we all know - fleas are a common problem for any pet that regularly goes outside. Once a pet is infested, it brings fleas into your home where they can quickly multiply.
Common solutions for these flea infestations include use of bug sprays and bug bombs. However, Kenneth Coppens of has a natural solution using standard table salt and mothballs.
Read on so you can control your flea problem and make your pet and home flea-free.

Bringing Your Dog To The Beach? Here Are 9 Things Owners Need To Know  

It's summertime! Time to head to the beach and relax with our furry friend.
Although taking your dog to the beach sounds fun and exciting, there are also some safety precautions you need to take and some dog-related beach musts to be aware of.
Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet. Leah Rose Emery covers these tips. Read more at

What You Need to Know About Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats  

Julia Calderone and Catherine Roberts of Consumer Reports presents a step-by-step guide to help keep your furry friends free of diseases. Tick prevention tips and medications are discussed.

Why Is My Dog Vomiting White Foam?  

Is your dog vomiting white foam? You should be concerned but don't panic yet.. Melvin Peña's article on Dogster presents some of the reasons your dog is vomiting white foam and what you need to do when this happens.

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